What a journey this has been!  Thank you all for stopping by the NEW website and seeing what AEC Consultant Group is all about.  Some of you may know me as a landscape architect in the Denver area.  Some of you may know me as partner in Rarity Consulting.  And hopefully, some of you don’t know me at all – YET!  I love meeting new people in the industry – hearing their stories and understanding how I can help them be better.

I am elated to launch the AEC Consultant Group website.  I feel like everything I have been working towards the last two months is finally official.  It was a tough decision for me to separate from Rarity Consulting, but ultimately, one I am very excited about.  Having the opportunity to focus on branding and strategic relationships is my passion – and I am thrilled to work specifically with the AEC industry.

Thank you for your friendship and support!

-Kim Naughtin